Why should I post inventory to VALVECONNECT?

VALVECONNECT gives anyone with a stock of valves a great tool to post current, discontinued, or surplus inventory.The Seller controls 100% of the sale, VALVECONNECT gives them total control over the price, type of product, and to whom they sell the product too. Any Buyer using the search facility within VALVECONNECT can quickly and easily identify the correct product for their application, and against the criteria that actually matters when specifying a valve. Sellers can also share inventory in a multitude of ways with our "linked" facility. Sellers pay only a small commission charge when a product is sold, and there are NO charges if the sale is between "linked" companies. There is absolutely NO COST at any stage to a Buyer to use VALVECONNECT.

Why should I use VALVECONNECT to find and buy my valve?

Searching on the internet brings every conceivable permutation of a valve to you, and is a very blunt instrument in finding a specific technically demanding product. VALVECONNECT is a consolidated search engine of available product that is only about valves. VALVECONNECT allows the user to search mass inventories from around the world from any device, and for product that is available immediately. No longer a need to wait for factory manufacture, or long delivery issues. Eliminate wasted phone calls and emails to find what you and your customers need quickly and efficiently. VALVECONNECT is FREE for anyone to search inventories. Seller anonymity is protected until an actual enquiry is sent to them. Transactional costs only occur when a valve has been sold, and is borne solely by the Seller.

What kind of inventory can I post to VALVECONNECT?

Sellers can list complete valves, parts, spares or even major components on to VALVECONNECT. The unique search facility brings communality to our listings that allows any buyer to find exactly the valve they require. Alternatively inventory can be posted using your own part number only, which is particularly useful for companies who share the same part numbering system across a number of locations. The inventory management functions within VALVECONNECT are extremely flexible, and may be tailored whichever way our users need.

How do I register with VALVECONNECT?

Click on "Register" on the Home page.The registration form takes you through the basic information that we require to join VALVECONNECT. Those registering for a BUYER / SELLER accounts will have their account activated within 72 hours.

How soon can I post my inventory on to VALVECONNECT?

You will be notified when your account becomes live. Thereafter you can list as many sale items as you like.

What is the "Link" facility within VALVECONNECT?

Those registered as a BUYER/SELLER may choose not to share their inventory with the wider valve community, but may want to restrict this only to associated companies or to key customers. If so, they can use our “links” inventory system and will then be able to view all their inventory at any time and from anywhere. They can then communicate easily through VALVECONNECT and may move or buy and sell inventory between each other.

How accurate and current are the listings e.g quantities available, offer prices, etc.

All Sellers on VALVECONNECT need to complete a minimum amount of information of every listing such that any end user will have no difficulty in sorting immediately towards the valve they need to meet their application. Any further information/clarification can be requested immediately from the seller through VALVECONNECT. Sellers may post their information manually or automatically (via our upload template), and as often as they want. All uploads of new information are effective within seconds. It is the Sellers responsibility to keep their stock accurate.

How long does the posted inventory information stay on VALVECONNECT?

Inventory data records are removed from VALVECONNECT around 90 days after posting, unless refreshed by a subsequently uploaded data file. Five days before your data expires, we'll send an email reminding you to refresh your inventory data.

How do I post my inventory list to VALVECONNECT?

Users can upload their inventory using our valve or parts template which can be populated from an existing excel or csv delimited text file. Alternatively it can be added manually on the site by line item. Any item can be excluded from the site at any time, perhaps because the item has been sold outwith the site. Any inventory sold through VALVECONNECT will be automatically deleted, or the quantity available reduced, as soon as an order for that product is placed.

How are transactions between Sellers and Buyers handled on VALVECONNECT?

When a Buyer locates an item that he needs, he requests a quotation from the Seller to confirm availability, packing, carriage and any other extras they may require. Once agreed Buyers will confirm their acceptance of the quote and provide their order number. Thereafter all contact will be directly between Buyer and Seller, and all orders concluded using their own systems. In the event of any issues arising VALVECONNECT will happily participate in any problem resolution, however the contract for any orders concluded on VALVECONNECT remain strictly between the Buyer and Seller.

I cannot login or I forgot my password?

If you cannot login, check to make sure that your "caps lock" key is off. Your username and password are case sensitive. If you still encounter a problem, you can request to reset your password or contact us.

Can I delete my account?

You may delete your account at any time. If you have a registered Buyer/Seller account any "links" you have created are terminated. Once you delete your account all traces of your activity on VALVECONNECT and any product listings you have made will be deleted and irrecoverable!

How can I update my Company Details?

Simply go to your Administration page and click on Company Details and you can make any changes there.

How do I change my Company Profile?

If you wish to make any change to the Company Profile you have on VALVECONNECT contact us at info@valveconnect.com with your changes and we will update immediately for you. Please provide your web address if you would like to link to VALVECONNECT.

How can I report an error or problem with the site?

Contact us at info@valveconnect.com and we will endeavor to fix any problems as fast as possible.

Why am I not receiving Emails from VALVECONNECT?

Please check your spam filter or junk mail section in your email software. Please ensure that both noreply@valveconnect.com and info@valveconnect.com are trusted senders. This should clear up this issue. Contact us directly if you have any questions.

What information does ValveConnect need from me?

Before uploading or sending ValveConnect your inventory data, you must have our 9 mandatory fields to allow our buyers to search your inventory:

Valve Type (ball, gate, butterfly etc)

Valve Size (1/2” ¾” 10mm 20mm etc)

Valve Pressure (Bar 20, DIN PN 125, ANSI 800)

Valve Body Material (Aluminium Bronze, Carbon Steel A182, F316)

Valve Bore (Full Bore, Reduced Bore, Three Way etc)

Valve End Connection (RF Flanged, Double Flanged, Screwed)

Trim Number (Trim 1, Trim 4, Trim 6)

Valve Manufacturer (Crane, Flowserve, Emerson etc)

Country (This is the country the valve is currently located, this may be different from your office location)

Region (this is the region your valve is located, Australia – Queensland, United Kingdom – England, Netherlands – Rotterdam)

Quantity (how many valves do you have of that valve type)

*if we do not have your particular information such as manufacture please contact us on info@valveconnect.com