Hardide Coatings

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Accreditations: ISO 9001:2008

Hardide Coatings’ range of nanostructured tungsten carbide-based coatings protect internal and external component surfaces from abrasion, erosion and corrosive chemicals. Applied by low temperature chemical vapour deposition (CVD), they provide a unique combination of exceptional wear and corrosion resistance with toughness and ductility – all in one material. Complex shapes can be coated uniformly.

The binder and pore-free coatings give consistent coating thickness and reduce assembly costs. The smooth and uniform ‘as coated' finish streamlines finishing operations which are carried out in-house giving faster turnaround times, improved quality control and full traceability. No matching of seats to valve bodies is required.

• High micro-hardness, enhanced toughness, impact and crack resistance

• Reduced torque

• Exceptional wear and erosion resistance

• Enables greater flexibility on valve design

• Can easily be applied to internal surfaces reducing erosion and improving flow

• Technically comparable & better performing replacement for Stellite and Hard Chrome

• FDA accepted

Hardide coatings can be applied to a wide range of metallic substrates including stainless steels, superalloys, tool and carbon steels as well as nickel, copper, titanium and cobalt-based alloys.


• Ball seats

Ball Valve

• Ball Valves - Cartridge Type (Nuclear)

Ball Valves - Full Bore

Ball Valves - Multi Ported

• Ball Valves - One Piece

• Ball Valves - Three Piece

• Ball Valves - Top Entry

• Ball Valves - Trunnion Mounted

• Ball Valves - Two Piece

Butterfly Valves

Control Valves

• Cryogenic Valves

Double Block and Bleed Valve

• LNG Valves

• Severe Service Control Valves

• Severe Service Valves

• Sub Sea Valves

• Tungsten Carbide Wear Parts