ARI-Armaturen (UK) Ltd

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Accreditations: PED 97/23/EC MOD H. HI, B&D - ISO9001 - TUV - BV, DNV, GL, LROS, SELO, CCS, GOST-R - ASME code V111 - API526

ARI-Armaturen UK Ltd is a subsidiary of a large German valve and steam trap manufacturer who specialise in control, isolation, safety and steam trapping. ARI-Armaturen also has an extensive distribution network with offices in over 50 countries worldwide.

All ARI valves and steam traps are designed, tested and manufactured under the strict guidelines of ISO:9001 in state-of-the-art production facilities. The valves come in ANSI and DIN standards and are available in a multitude of body materials to be applied to a wide range of flow media.

ARI-Armaturen UK Ltd also supply a variety of engineered systems to provide a complete solution for steam to water heat exchange to pressure reducing and condensate return.

With an impressive portfolio of over 10,000 products (including control valves, safety valves, bellows sealed globe valves, butterfly valves and steam traps) in more than 100,000 variations, ARI-Armaturen have the capacity to offer tailor made solutions to industry specific applications and can fulfil almost any valve requirement.

ARI-Armaturen is proud of its reputation as being a trustworthy company that you can rely on, with over 60 years of experience in the manufacture of quality valves. ARI supplies to many industries, including but not exclusive to, power generation, chemical, petrochemical, oil & gas, HVAC, food & beverage, marine and M&E contractors.


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