Arc Energy Resources Limited

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Accreditations: ISO9001:2008; ISO 14001:2004; OHSAS 18001:2007; ISO 3834-2; ASME U Stamp; ASME U2 Stamp; IIP Bronze; Fit4Nuclear

Arc Energy Resources is a specialist in corrosion resistant weld overlay cladding and fabrication for the oil & gas, nuclear, renewable energy, water & wastewater and naval industries.

Weld overlay services are utilised by clients where service conditions require corrosion resistant properties. Weld overlay cladding provides the assurance of a heavy-duty metallurgically-bonded protective layer that will not be undermined or dislodged in service. Welding can be overlayed to an application externally (ie flange face) or weld inlay internally (ie through a valve bore).

Arc Energy Resources' weld overlay and weld inlay service offers a high quality product with a very low defect rate. The highly versatile weld overlay process provides the practical combination of readily available base materials, coated with a suitable long-lasting corrosion resistant alloy to protect any vulnerable area. This provides the benefit of cost savings, as well as a reduction in lead time.

Arc Energy has the capacity to weld components up to 15 tonnes, and can clad bores as large as four metres diameter and as small as 20 mm diameter. The company also has the ability and experience to clad difficult areas of restricted access, such as can be found within the internal geometries of globe valves.

All work is carried out within a quality management system that has been approved to both ISO 9001:2008 and the stringent specialist welding demands of ISO 3834-2. In addition, Arc Energy Resources hold environmental standard ISO 14001:2004 and occupational health and safety 18001:2007 accreditations, as well as holders of ASME U & U2 Stamps.


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