Alco Valves Group

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Accreditations: PED, CE, ATEX, ISO9001/2000, Point, Shell, Chevron, BP. Total, Adgas, Gasco, KOC, PDO, NCOC, Tatweer

For almost 40 years, Alco Valves Group have manufactured and supplied an impressive range of valves to most of the leading names in the Oil and Gas industry both Topside and Subsea as well as supporting other markets such as Petrochemical, Refinery, Automotive and Defence.

With exceptional in-house manufacturing and testing capabilities, Alco benefit from continuous investment in quality, productivity and employees to ensure our clients are getting the very best service.

Over the years Alco has become recognised as a leader in our field and our company is most notable for producing high quality Instrumentation, Pipeline and Subsea valves to restrictive deadlines.

Our dedication is to ensuring the highest level of customer service and customer support has served as the fundamental reason for the opening of our strategically placed regional offices, The benefit our clients can communicate with Alco immediately regardless of location and time zone.


• Air Distribution Manifolds

Aluminium Bronze Valves

Alloy Steel Valves

Ball Valve

Ball Valves - Full Bore

• Ball Valves - Multi Ported

• Ball Valves - One Piece

• Ball Valves - Three Piece

• Ball Valves - Top Entry

• Ball Valves - Trunnion Mounted

• Ball Valves - Two Piece

• Block & Bleed Valves

Butterfly Valves

• Check Valve - Piston

Swing Check Valve

Check Valves

• Compact ANSI length DBB Valves

• Compression fittings and manifolds

Double Block and Bleed Valve

• Double Seat Valves

• Gate Valve - Angle

• Gate Valve - Conduit

Knife Gate Valves

• Gate Valve - Oblique

• Gate Valve - Parallel Slide

• Gate Valve - Wedge

Gate Valves

• Globe - Oblique

• Globe - Stop & Check

• Globe - Straight

• Globe - Three Port

• Globe Valve - Angle

Globe Valves

• Instrumentation Tube & Fittings

• LNG Valves

• Manifold Valves

• Mono-flange valves

• Multi-Turn Valves

Needle Valves

• Non Return Valves

• Outside lever & weight to swing check valves

• Pipe Fittings

• Pipeline to instrumentation interface valves

• Piston Valves

• Quarter Turn Valves

Ball Valves - ReducedBore

• Sample Valves

• Severe Service Control Valves

• Single Seat Valves

• Soft seating of Valves

• Sub Sea Valves

• Wedge Gate Valves