Advanced Actuators Ltd

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Distributor for: Noah Actuators One Torque Actuators Coester Actuators Eckart Actuators

Other offices: Suite 990, 10375 Richmond Avenue, Houston, Texas

Accreditations: ISO 9001

Advanced Actuators Ltd design and manufacture a wide range of hydraulic – Electric – Pneumatic actuators for control solutions. The company as 42 year experience in providing actuator solutions for the following market:

Power Generation

Oil and Gas



Mining and Quarrying


The range of actuators cover:

Linear or Semi-Rotary

Multi Turn actuators

Self-contained and ring-main

Spring return actuators

Modulating or Isolating

Electric ¼ turn actuators

From Weatherproof to Explosion proof

Pneumatic actuators

ATEX Certified

Solar powered if required

Torques from 10 to 1,000,000 Nm

Fail lock or fail close/open

Thrusts from 50 to 120,000 kgf

The above are only the main features of machines we offer, as we design and manufacture tailor made actuators to suit customers’ requirements.


• Actuator - Electric

• Actuator - Electro-Hydraulic

• Actuator - Hydraulic

• Actuator - Hydraulic or Gas

• Actuator - Pneumatic

• Actuators

• Electric Actuators

• Electro Hydraulic

• Electro Hydraulic (Powerseat) Valves & Actuators

• Electronic Burner Controls

• Gearboxes

• Hydraulic Cylinders

• Hydraulic Power Units

• Linear Actuators

• Motorisable actuator gearboxes

• Motorisable actuator gearboxes code 138

• Mounting Kits

• Multi turn Pneumatic actuators

• Rotary Actuators

• Spring return mechanisms for ball valves

• Staffa Gearboxes

• Stepping multi turn-hydraulic or pneumatic

• Walter Voss Water Hydraulics