Adanac Valve Specialities

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Stockists for: Cash Acme Cryogenic pressure regulators

Accreditations: BS EN ISO 9001:2000, PED, ASME IX welding, Garlock Packing Installer

Adanac was founded in 1986 and now provides an independent and reliable Modification source for those manufacturers , distributors and end users who require Quality Non-Standard Products on Rapid Lead Times .All types of conversion are considered and all work is carried out where possible in-house with approved sub-contractors carrying out such specialized services as NDE , heat treatment or protective coating.

An established , flexible , competent and multiskilled workforce enables production schedules to be adjusted to meet the constantly changing and urgent delivery deadlines required in today’s marketplace.

Main areas supplied to are Valve Manufacturers and the , Oil & Gas , Air Separation , Pharmaceutical and Process Industries .

Adanac can supply complete or modify free issued material with the support of the manufacturers listed below particularly in the case of PED compliance.

Typical services offered are:

Cryogenic conversion and related low temperature testing.

Heating Jacket fabrication and fitting.

“Pipe pup” welding.

Fitting bypass and drain systems.

Degreasing for oxygen duty.

Hard facing of seat areas .

Fabrication and fitting of Stem extensions for access or buried service.

Manufacture and installation of Cavity Filling ball valve seats.

Special Testing for Fugitive Emission detection, Helium Leak testing, Nitrogen gas testing and Extended Duration testing , all to national or customers specifications


• Air Distribution Manifolds

• Ball seats

Ball Valves - Full Bore

• Ball Valves - Multi Ported

• Ball Valves - One Piece

• Ball Valves - Three Piece

• Ball Valves - Top Entry

• Ball Valves - Two Piece

• Bypass systems

• Cavity filled to ball valves

• Chainwheel operators

• Check Valve - Assisted Closure

• Check Valve - Lift with Ball Disk

• Cryogenic Valves

• Extensions

• Fire Safe Valves

• Gate Valve - Wedge

• Globe - Stop & Check

• Handwheels

• Hydraulic Power Units

• Hygenic Fitting Attachment

• Jacketed Valves

• Lagging extensions

• Lagging extensions code 120

• Line Blind Valves

• LNG Valves

• Locking Devices

• Manual Fail-safe springs

• Manual override gearboxes

• Outside lever & weight to swing check valves

• Oxygen cleaning/degreasing of valves & fittings

• Pipe pup welding

• Pres Maint/Reg Valves

• Pres. Red. Valve - Pilot Operated

• Pressure Reducing Valves

• Pressure Vessels

• Soft seating of Valves

• Special Pressure Testing

• Spool kits

• Spring Return handles

• Spring return mechanisms for ball valves

• Stem extensions & Pedestals

• Tube Ended Valves

• Valve accessories

• Valve Service and Repairs

• Valve Testing and Repair Facilities

• Wedge Gate Valves

• Welded Fabrications