AC Valve Alliance

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Distributor for: Air Torque Pekos Perar Starline Gali & Cassina Sammi Machinery Nacional Plastrulon Zwick

Stockists for: Air Torque Pekos Perar Starline Galli & Cassina Sammi Machinery Nacional Plastrulon Zwick

Accreditations: ISO 9001:2015, UVDB, FPAL

AC Valve Alliance was formed in 1997 and supplies valves, actuators and controls to the oil, gas, energy and process industries.

Our stock range is one of the largest and most comprehensive of its kind in Europe. Utilising this stock and our extensive knowledge base it is our mission to ensure that all dealings with us are handled quickly, correctly and in the best engineered and cost effective way.

We have extensive technical facilities which comprise complete valve and actuation build, size and install. Along with valve machining, modification and testing and a bespoke pipe skid build / design division.

Along with specialist, niche technology comes responsibility, which is where the AC Valve Alliance ethos of product specialist roles comes into its own. Employing engineers and sales people with countless years of product specific experience gives customers both large and small, peace of mind when its most needed.

Our aim is to educate, support and build confidence with our customers in a friendly, knowledgeable manner.

AC Valve Alliance have carefully selected the manufactures we have partnered with to ensure we supply into the industry only the very best and most current products.

For more information about AC Valve Alliance, our knowledge , service and products, as well as a number of technical resources, visit www .ac

The AC Valve Alliance group of companies are ISO 9001:2015 approved and are members of UVDB and FPAL.


• Actuator - Electric

• Actuator - Electro-Hydraulic

• Actuator - Hydraulic

• Actuator - Hydraulic or Gas

• Actuator - Manual/Operators

• Actuator - Pneumatic

• Actuator manual/operators code 74

• Actuators

• Alloy Valves

Aluminium Bronze Valves

• Ball seats

Ball Valve

• Ball Valves - Cartridge Type (Nuclear)

Ball Valves - Full Bore

• Ball Valves - Multi Ported

• Ball Valves - One Piece

• Ball Valves - Three Piece

• Ball Valves - Top Entry

• Ball Valves - Trunnion Mounted

• Ball Valves - Two Piece

• Block & Bleed Valves

• Blow Down Valves

• Boiler Vent Valve

• Butterfly Control Valves

Butterfly Valves

• Bypass Valves

• Cavity filled to ball valves

• Ceramic Ball Valves

• Compact ANSI length DBB Valves

• Control Panels

• Control Systems

Control Valves

• Cryogenic Valves

Double Block and Bleed Valve

• Double Seat Valves

• Electric Actuators

• Electro Hydraulic (Powerseat) Valves & Actuators

• Electro Hydraulic Valve Actuators

• ESD Valve Systems

• Fieldbus Valves

• Integrated valves

• Jacketed Valves

• LNG Valves

• Manifold Valves

• Mono-flange valves

• Multi turn Pneumatic actuators

• Plug Valve - Cartridge Type (Nuclear)

• Plug Valve - Eccentric

• Plug Valve - Multiported

• Plug Valve - Sleeved

Plug Valves

• Pressure Reducing Valves

• Pressure Relief Valves

• Quarter Turn Valves

• Quick Closing Valves

Ball Valves - ReducedBore

• Relief Valve

• Safety Valve - Pilot Operated

Safety Valves

• Sample Valves

• Severe Service Choke Control Valves

• Severe Service Valves

• Single Seat Valves

• Soft seating of Valves

• Special Pressure Testing

• Spring Return handles

• Spring return mechanisms

• Stainless Steel Actuator Enclosures

Stainless Steel Valves

• Sub Sea Valves

• Tank Valve - Gauging

• Tank Valve Flush Fitting

• Test Valves

• Valve accessories

• Valve Service and Repairs

• Valve Testing and Repair Facilities

• Wafer Ball Valves