Inventory Management – as an inventory information system

• List all or any part of your inventory on to the site and form your own intranet and you decide who can access and share this information. This means you could make decisions such as make or buy, share inventory across peer distribution companies. List major components for reduction of lead times, or alternative valves could be utilised depending on application. Slow moving/obsolete inventory can be listed and sold, which generates significant monies straight to the bottom line.

• Typical intranets could be between sister companies, manufacturers and distributors, stockist and stockist, suppliers and key customers, or indeed simply your own employees in sales or in production, who can now access and search this information from anywhere, and on any mobile devices they wish. Huge savings of time in administration, and increase in efficiencies right across your organisation.

• You also have the facility to separate out a specific section of your inventory e.g. slow moving, and list this to the open marketplace section of, which will then be visible to search and find from anywhere in the world.



An inventory information tool

• A simple link system to share your inventory with whoever you choose. Create your own intranet of users with no expensive or complicated software required.

• Your inventory can be viewed and searched by all your employees, all by the specification they need, at any time and from anywhere.

• Once a valve has been located all contact between locations or buyer and seller can be done in a few clicks with huge savings of time in administration and increase in efficiencies right across your organisation

• Full visibility of completed valves, spares and major components greatly improves stock utilisation and will reduce lead times and eliminate duplicate purchases.

• Huge opportunity to showcase and promote slow moving inventory.