The Global Valve

The Global Valve Marketplace is a unique website designed solely for the valve industry. Now anyone can buy and sell valves of every type and manufacturer, and of all specifications and sizes.

But it's also much more....

The unique "Link" partners facility in means that any registered seller can form their own cloud based intranet(s) to display and share their stock of valves with any other company they wish e.g. sister companies/locations, manufacturers, distributors or key customers. This can be on a completely confidential basis between these linked companies, or you can choose to display all or part of your inventory to potential buyers worldwide.

Seven Reasons to Subscribe

  • 1

    A dual resource for the valve industry

    As an online sales platform for the sale of any valve of any type and specification, whether it is current stock or slow-moving.

    As an inventory information management tool. Registered sellers can form intranet(s) with related companies in their supply chain, or simply limit it to their employees who may then access this information from anywhere in the world and at any time. 

  • 2

    A unique website

    Designed solely for the Valve Industry, our search facility brings a depth of detail and commonality to all our product listings that have never before existed in the industry. 

  • 3

    Accessible from anywhere at anytime 

    Search and find any valve of any manufacturer, type and specification directly from your PC, laptop or any mobile device.

  • 4

    Real time inventory

    Sellers can upload their inventory using a simple excel template. All listings are valves available from stock. Sellers can choose to display their inventory detailed by specification and region only to potential buyers worldwide or restrict to their own intranet. In any event, the information is held anonymously until contact is exchanged between buyer and seller.

    All current, special or slow-moving inventory now has a shop window to a worldwide customer base.  

  • 5

    Competitive pricing

    One of the key features of for sellers will be the flexibility to vary pricing, particularly on slow-moving items. This means it will always be worth checking with us prior to the purchase of any valve. 

  • 6

    Buy & Sell Worldwide

    No more geographical limitations. A global search for any valve can now be made in just a few clicks. For our sellers this gives a huge opportunity to attract new customers in places far removed from their traditional circle of supply. 

  • 7

    Reduce administration

    Once an item has been posted on to all communication between buyer and seller can be conducted through the site with just a couple of clicks. The site has an email facility that automatically informs you of any activity on your account. Buyers save a huge amount of time waiting for quotations and Sellers will make similar savings in answering questions and preparing quotations. 


Upload your stock of valves using our simple to use template, and then display them to valve buyers worldwide.

All valves are fully searchable by type, size and specification so anyone looking for valves such as yours are able to find and contact you within minutes of their search.

Apart from your regional location, all stock listings are completely anonymous until you are contacted by the buyer. Thereafter you will deal directly with the customer to complete the transaction in a fraction of the time generally taken.

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